Transition from friends with benefits to dating

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Anyone who decides to date needs to learn how to forgive their partner when they make a mistake, which is what me and my man have done. That means he knows how to touch my body and I know how to touch his. That’s why it was easy to slip into a relationship.

There was a time when our relationship revolved around sex. That means I met his parents, and even his grandparents, before we made things official.

”First of all is it possible for a woman to sleep with guy and not develop feelings for him eventually? I assume that if the sex is good a woman will at least develop feelings for the sex. None of those questions will get you anywhere good.

And if that’s the case what if the guy chooses to stop sleeping with her? My point is that rarely is it 100% sexual for either party.

When it comes to friends with benefits, turning a no-strings-attached relationship into something more is complicated but not impossible.

Especially when the two people involved are already close friends.

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Of course, that happens, but it isn’t always the case. This is why it actually ended up working out for me and my man: We’ve both done a lot of growing up. My man and I only had eyes for each other, even when our relationship was casual.Sex is great and all but there’s only so much a guy is willing to put up with to get to it.I think the first step is to throw out some feeler comments. Guys do it when they’re trying to see if a girl is down but I figure women can do it to gauge how a guy feels about a potential relationship. Mind you the comments will have to be as innocuous as possible because if he gets wind that you’re subtly trying to wife him up you’ve blown it.He has to be at least open to a relationship or else you have no shot.But realize that if he was actively looking for one you’d be wearing his claddagh ring already.

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