Ryan michelle bathe dating

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[We] have been together solid since April 2004, [but] all the stuff that happened before that, it’s a good movie.” Happy anniversary to the happy couple.

The actress agreed to her first-ever blind date even though she wasn’t really feeling “it.” About a month passed before  Slate and her date exchanged numbers and started texting.And even though all may be fair in love and war, for Slate’s sake, hopefully there are no more suits of armor. You’re like a piece of toilet paper stuck on someone’s shoe — along for the ride, but also kind of embarrassing.Bathe’s hiring was a natural fit since her husband Sterling K. Yet even on her own, she has made a name for herself by playing diverse roles, and this one may offer its own unique challenges.Her resume is huge, and includes Boston Legal, One for the Money, Army Wives and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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