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The scantily dressed teenager stood on the hotel balcony taking nervous drags from her cigarette.She’d been in downtown Ottawa for almost two weeks, forced to have sex with a long line of men.These are the stories of how the constable and the teenager met at a Cooper Street hotel and how their journey together would lead to Canada’s first human trafficking conviction involving an adult who had placed a child into prostitution. Reading at a much lower level than her classmates, her frustrations grew.On her second day of high school, she was suspended for telling a teacher to “shut the f–k up.” Two weeks later she was kicked out for good.When the student returned home, he told his mother he had a “new best friend.” Pontbriand initiated sex with the boy soon after on a private trip approved by his mother to help him with his problems; it was the first of some 300 sexual liaisons that took place on school trips, private getaways, at his home and her home.The teacher bought the boy a cellphone after his mother tried to shut down communication between the two.

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It will now be left to senators to decide what, if any, punishments Meredith will face.

Creep Hunters' Kawartha chapter president Danielle Roberts says a 26-year-old man calling himself John recently contacted multiple Creep Hunter decoys on various chat and dating websites, including Plenty of Fish.

The decoys identified themselves as minors and virgins but it didn’t stop ‘John’ from pursuing what he thought was a 15-year-old boy named Kyle.

“I just think they couldn’t put up with me,” says Mary, who cannot reveal her identity because she fears for her safety.

“A lot of people say I can’t work with others because I don’t like being told what to do.” But the issues ran deeper than that.

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