Beyonce and usher dating

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"I feel like Usher's the Fred Astaire of our times." Which would help, since Beyoncé says the video, directed by Jake Nava (Spice Girls, Tina Turner), was inspired by the dancing of Astaire and sometime co-star Cyd Charisse.

In it, she and Usher use their graceful moves to flirt with each other. Not only is he a great dancer and a great personality, he's a great artist," she said.

According to Star magazine, the Grammy Award-winning singer is cheating on Jay Z with her long-term bodyguard Julius De Boer.

"Jay definitely thinks that there was and may still be something romantic going on between Bey and Julius," a source told the magazine.

Beyonce says, “I got a man you got a lady.” usher was with his Ex-Wife at the time and Beyonce was and still is with Jay Z. Every time Usher is around Beyonce he is always smiling.

I think they look cute together but Usher is a player and i dont Beyonce wants to have anything to do with a playeri thought beyonce likes older men while usher likes older i suppose they both have something in common.btw, i guess bee has insured all the parts of her body she uses to bring in the benjamins?

But from what I've read or looked up I haven't heard them ever dating.

Though that doesn't mean they didn't, just much better at keeping it off the press compared to some perhaps?

If you saw the special, then you understand, if you haven’t you gotta get it on DVD! I mean what happened to real talents like Whitney Houston, Madonna and Celine Dion.

"Naughty Girl" will be the last single released from her Dangerously in Love, Beyoncé said.

Soon after her Ladies First Tour with Alicia Keys and Missy Elliott (see "Nervous Beyonce Preps Dolce Glam On Eve Of Ladies First Tour"), she'll return to the studio with Destiny's Child (see "Beyonce Puts Off Second Solo LP To Reunite Destiny's Child").

Beyonce and Jay Z celebrated seven years of marriage in May, but now reports have ...

“I was 18 when we first met, 19 when we started dating.

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