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As a rule, any scheme that asks someone to accept money orders or cashiers checks and then return money by wire to a party overseas should be considered a scam.

One of the current schemes involves a scammer contacting someone who has an item for sale on the Internet.

It is important to note that hotel and rental car agencies may add additional amounts for incidentals, and my authorize additional amounts based on your length of stay at a hotel or days of rental for a rental car.

It is up to you to work with the merchant to release any holds that are no longer necessary if you have completed your stay at a hotel or returned your car rental.

17th Street, Santa Ana, CAFor your convenience, we are now offering a new secure, online service called Assistance Check.

This interactive service will allow you to contact us and obtain or provide information online rather than in-person or by mail.

The seller is approached by an individual, usually from a foreign country, who wants to buy the item and pay with a cashier’s check.

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Cashier’s checks are generally considered much safer than personal checks, since they are issued by financial institutions that have already verified the existence of sufficient funds.

Personal checks can “bounce” when there are insufficient funds in the check writer’s account; cashier’s checks do not bounce.

The counterfeits are generally of excellent quality and may even fool the bank initially.

Beginning August 1, 2016, The Orange County Housing Authority (OCHA) will no longer accept payments made by cash.

Accepted payment forms are: - Personal Check - Cashiers Check - Money Order Money Orders are available through your bank, Walmart stores, and other places.

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